Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 137 - 17th May 2013 - Ducks, Flowers, Apple Blossoms

We've made it to Friday again and it's a long weekend. Commonly called the 2-4 weekend in the Maritimes, the opening of summer cottages, camping, etc. For us it will mean, some outside work, maybe a road trip locally for photos, visiting some friends - who knows but so far they are giving fine weather! Lots to finish up today at the office, need to work hard to cross a few more things off my to do list.
Well it was a lot wetter in the morning yesterday that I expected, but it did clear off and turn into a beautiful afternoon. Made some headway at the office with things. Was suppose to go back in town last night to hear a talk, however, Larry wanted to work in the garden since he`s not started anything there yet. After being in town since 7:30 am he really doesn't feel much like going back in and hanging around for a couple hours and I can't blame him. Hopefully if the weekend is fine he'll get the rest of the garden planted. I need to pick up some lettuce seeds and a few things for the kitchen garden by the back deck.
 A Mallard sleeps on a rock in the morning mist.
 Ferns are stretching upward.
 Wednesday was a beautiful day on the lake.
Violets are among my favourite early spring flowers.

Tulips in a neighbour's yard.
 Mine will soon be finished.
 Mr. Bluejay is a tad bit greedy!
 Purple Finch finally got a turn at the feeder, hope there was something left for him.

Apple blossoms in Shelburne County are always a week or so ahead of the Valley!

Enjoy your day!

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