Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 144 - 24th May 2013 - From the Yard

Here we are again back to Friday, last day of the work week. Seems like I posted that yesterday, but it has been a week ago. Up a little earlier than normal this morning.  Lots to do today - hoping to end the day with a couple of things wrapped up. Any time you can finish something off it's a good feeling! My lunch out day too so that means my favourite Bacon & Scallop Wrap.
So it was raining yesterday just foggy and dismal, but enough about the bad weather. Negativity breeds negativity they say so perhaps if we move on to positive thoughts the rain will leave us. I'll try that approach for a few days and see what happens. A decent day at the office - long since I was there at 7:30am but the early morning before the building opens means peace and quiet and I can whip through a few things, then off to the Beandock for my tea and a quick chat with Monique. Exercise class last night, Cindy worked us hard as she was mad at the stereo which refused to play right. I think it might be dying of old age. Hard to get photos these days, the feeder was quiet when I got home, can only assume that the squirrel cleaned things out during the day. The birds will soon be really upset with me.
 This Purple Finch wasn't looking too happy the other day, guess even they are tired of wet weather.
 I'm really enjoying the Northern Parula.
 He's such a pretty fellow.

 Nice to see the busy little Hummingbirds back again.

 From my garden.
This is a pretty cool looking hole.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. That Parula is kind of cute!! Nice to see you have curbed your rain soaked enthusiasm lol. All I am going to say is thank goodness it is Friday I am oh so ready for this week to be over. Probably was Chippy raiding the feeders....I will bring the buckets :)