Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 139 - 19th May 2013 - Tulips, Shags, Ocean scenes and a Myrtle

Another morning of sleeping in ,wow - two morning is a row but in all fairness I did go to bed later both night. Looks like a pretty good morning, no frost that I can see, temperature is +3.1. So some more garden work or wood cutting for Larry I'll putter around out in the yard, late this afternoon we'll maybe take Lexi and go for a drive to Upper Clyde. Hopefully I'll have a little more luck today. The Royal family appear to have moved up the road to another lake, must keep my eye open for them. They might just be showing the kids the neighbourhood or looking for new digs! I hope they paddle back down this way.
We worked hard at home yesterday morning - Larry in the garden, me in the house, although I did take time out for a walk. After lunch we headed to town to do groceries, etc then off for date afternoon. Headed in the Lockeport area looking for birds but not a very successful day, didn't find anything new but we drove a few roads we hadn't been down before and walked some areas new to us. Spent a few minutes walking down the Jordan Trail - nice spot, when you get to the bridge you can look up and down the Jordan River. Stopped to visit my bestie and her husband on the way home and were treated to chicken wings - a little on the hot side but very good.
 Larry saw a BlueJay drinking from the butterfly bath yesterday morning.
 Ladyslipper leaves are up!
 Mallards flying off - they don't do much else.

 Cormorant or Shag as we call them locally in the lake - normally seen around salt water.
 This was looking from the railroad bridge on the Jordan Trail.
 My only wildlife on the trail - a dragonfly.
 From West Head where we crawled through barb wire and got soggy feet from the ground beneath.
 Found these too but I'm not sure what they are - something native to seaside, I would guess.
 Another view from West Head.
A Myrtle Warbler I found on the Lake John Road.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Funny hoe I knew Those shots were from West Head. I promise the hot sauce will be replenished next time with a gallon of medium and mild lol. I stopped by the supplier four times and they were closed. Usually we get 8 to. 10 gallons at a time. They asked me once what restaurant or pub I was buying for lol. I told them the Redneck Dewdrop Inn. They give me great pricing and poor old billy if he stops ends up paying more. No great photo opa this morning a lone loon and thank goodness no sign of Mr. Peckerhead who has been tapping against our flu. Perhaps the turd found a mate. Not a breath of wind and lots of yard work today. I want to finish that side of the shrub garden or as billy and Tyler call them the scrubs which they wanted to scrub out when we put the cement patio. I threatened to kill them both. Lol moved four lilacs though and all have survived. Well another cup of coffee and I think I will head outside. ;). Have an awesome day