Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 124 - 4th May 2013 - Fungi, Ducks, Lake and Tulips

It's says +3 but feels pretty chilly this morning, sun is up, I've slept in - well 6am, which is good for me. Not sure where today will take us. It's grocery day, but I'm thinking - Shelburne - Barrington - Yarmouth - which will it be and a road trip always means my camera and some photos along the way. On the other hand I don't want to take the whole day. I'll let Larry sleep in some this morning, that way he'll be easy to convince we need to go on a road trip and maybe by that time I'll have made up my mind. Truthfully it looks like a great day to be home.
Glad the weekend has arrived - now all I have is work to do around here. Oh well that's how it rolls. Friday went pretty good - making some progress on things, hopefully I'll get caught up in the next month. I certainly miss my birds at home in the feeder, there were a few around yesterday morning before I left but just not the same as seeing them all throughout the day. Thursday evening Larry mowed the grass for the first time. Now I just have to find an inexpensive push mower to touch up the edges around flower beds, etc. that the ride-on doesn't get close enough to do.
Pretty neat looking fungi.

 Poor pair of Mallards were just bouncing around in the lake last night - it was rough.
 The light trickles through the trees on the road.
 A few maple buds float on the water in the woods.
It was cold and choppy.
 Another day or two and my tulips will start opening.

Enjoy your day!

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