Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 128 - 8th May 2013 - Budding Trees, Wildflowers, Lake and Ferns

Thick fog again this morning, yes I've slept in as well but I'm off today so I guess it doesn't matter much. I was awake part of the night so an extra half hour is ok. it is suppose to clear today and by the looks of the weather forecast it's the last fine day for a week, rain is coming our way. If I can stand the flies will spend some time outside later.
So Tuesday was definitely better than Monday. Made some headway in the backlog, which always makes me feel better. Currently I have a student from NSCC for her practical training so an extra body makes a big difference. Yesterday morning Larry and Lexi were in the backyard and a Mallard drake popped out of the Honeysuckle tree - not sure what that was all about and I think Larry was more startled then he was. An evening walk after supper felt good even though the black flies are terrible, I broke down and put some fly repellent lotion on but I really dislike that stuff. Came home and scrubbed it off. Caught up on the news with my bestie - she's got a mouse issue and none too happy. Exciting lives we lead!
Leaves should soon be out on this maple.
 A few morning cobwebs.
 A very foggy start to the day.
 Wild Cherry, I think. Guess it's time to dig out my tree book as well as the wildflower book.
 The boys were enjoying the lake last evening.
 The day turned out beautiful.
 Ferns are shooting up.
 Some of the early woodland flowers. I believe it's Rue Anemone - from the Buttercup family.

Maybe tomorrow it will finish opening.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Love the photo of the fern and the budding maple. Yes you can sleep in. 2 mice down and as billy took one out he saw another one breeze by lol. Oh and I had one of thlse little yellow birds in my flowering crab tree. Thus time next year perhaps I will remember its name. Lol.