Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 167 - 15th June 2013 - Lighthouses, Sunsetting and a Warbler

Up early thanks to our lovely Lexi - we will probably be asked to go home today (HA!HA!). It's looking like a beautiful morning, a little cool but will warm up I have no doubt. Felt a little like I was in an Alfred Hitchcock movie when I walked her a few minutes a go  - large flocks of gulls circling then landing in yards. I suppose they are looking for scraps of some sort. Of course like home the first thing I hear is the Song Sparrow. Am looking forward to the day of adventure and roaming in someone else's hood.
Friday went well - wet most of the day until we left home about 4:15 for the Island then it started to clear. Drove straight through and caught the 6:30 ferry from East Ferry to Long Island with only a few minutes to spare. Lexi and I had a walk to Beautiful Cove after supper - she was pretty wired after being in the house all day and then a 2 1/2 hour drive with no stop so a walk got her sorted out somewhat. She's not always the best house guest as she is a busy girl and it takes her awhile to get settled in. Dorothy made her wonderful seafood chowder, with home made biscuits - hot out of the oven for supper.  Boy was it good!
 Waiting on the Ferry and looking across at Boars Head Light.

 Fishing boat heading home from the day.
 From Beautiful Cove you can see Northern Light on Brier Island.

Female Common Yellow.

Enjoy your day!

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