Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 157 - 5th June 2013 - Flowers, the Royal babies and Grandmother's Journal

Wednesday, day off and it's looking like a good one. Sun is breaking through the trees, purple streaks across the sky. Lexi and I will be out and around the hood today! It will be a day of very little inside work.
The rain stopped and the sky cleared yesterday just before I headed out to work. Beautiful day with a gentle breeze. Had a good day at work and a walk after supper around the hood. The Royal babies are growing fast. Made a quick visit out to the bestie's - she needed a cheer up. Must be soon time for us to do a road trip!
Grandmother's Journal:
4 June 1974 - Good night sleep. Overcast early but turned out beautiful. Wind still a bit cool. Bob at trees. Planted grape vines supper time. Beautiful evening. Miss getting out, decided to stay in and use hot water bottle to get my back better. Birds are singing now. Swallows building. Saw Robin eggs. Also 2 small Juncoes in one of the apple holes. 
5 June 1974 - To town early. Lovely day. Wind rather cool. Nothing different from each day.
6 June 1974 - Overcast looked like rain, came out fine and beautiful. Not too hot a nice cool breeze. Mother and I to Ivys. Home 15 past 5 o'clock. Bob got tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower plants today. Terrible small and look awful. Bob working out in garden.
 Flowers are blooming in the gardens around town.
 Lupins are looking great along our road.
 From Lois' yard. She always has nice gardens.
 I couldn't resist some time with the babies after supper.
 A pair of Mallards flew in but didn't stay long.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thank you for "Grandmother's Journal" s great way to start the day. What a day you will have prowling the hood. I have been outside looking at my garden and the grass lol nothing like seeing more sprout. A little cool this morning but a fair amount of wave activity on the shore. It must be rough outside. It will be a bit hairy trying to schedule everyone for steamship and the pleasure boaters. Still have our main truck in to Detroit getting fixed. I have decided to stay positive and tell them all we will do what we can ;). Have an awesome day and more photos of the Royal Family please. Yes Lois has nice flowers lol