Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 194 - 12th July 2013 - Flowers, Robin and Grandmother's Journal

Here we are at Friday again. Chance of showers, hope they are wrong and it just clears off, weather is looking better for the weekend. Off to work as usual, have some more things earmarked to get off my plate today.
A good day on Thursday, weather more or less held - just an overcast sky mostly. Lots accomplished, researchers and volunteer were in and I got some things off my list. As Martha would say - it's a good thing! Didn't take my camera with me since it's was drizzling in the morning, of course a bird nearly ran me down - think it was the fly catcher I've been stalking and the two newest baby ducks were playing on the beach. I keep telling myself there will be other chances to catch them. Exercise class last evening - didn't get an air conditioner but we got a new fan. RAH!
Grandmother's Journal:
12th July 1974: Beautiful early morning. Overcast and cold in town. Around noon cleared. Lovely afternoon and evening. Gertrude and I played crib until nearly 12 o'clock. Rather cool but I like it. Stars were wonderful millions of them tonight. Mike up for the weekend. Bettie picked about 20 qts of berries.
13th July 1974: Beautiful day. Not many strawberries. Every other day now. Bettie and Bobbie here after fishing this afternoon. Gertrude over this afternoon. Tom acted up and frightened me. Acted really cross. [Tom was their dog and never really liked Gertrude] Played crib tonight until nearly 1 o'clock. Beautiful sunset. No flies today. Lovely fresh breeze. Hate to think of these days wasted in town. So beautiful here. 
 I'm enjoying the daylilies.

 There are lots of Indian Pipes in the woods this year, maybe it's the damp weather they like to grow it.
 There are so many Robins around too.
 Lots of lily pads in the lake again.
 I like the old man's beard that hangs from the trees - wispy and soft looking.
Lois' Roses are still blooming.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you...I needed a little of Grandmother today. Woke to quite the mess in the hallway or as the elite call it the "foyer". Argo must have had a bad belly and since he couldn't open the door tried to get as close to the door as possible. I didn't gag once but it was close got the three dogs situated and went about my "Carol Burnet" impersonation as a cleaner and got it done!!
    Dogs are pretty intuitive and like Tom sometimes are pretty good judges of character lol...mine waited patiently for me to do a thorough cleaning and then wagged their tails to tell me it was time for breakfast(I did not have much of an appetite) then it was outside for a little bit and then all you have to say is "let's go to work" the three of them run to the vehicle and wait for me to open the doors. Sure going to miss them when I take them back today and I am sure Kasey will miss the companionship.
    Sorry probably should have saved this for a conversation lol but what the heck....I know you will read this and I may not get a chance to talk to you today(you go to bed with the birds) The photos are lovely and I meant to ask you if there is a reason there are so many Robins around Icount atleast a dozen each morning. Although I also notice an abundance of ants so there might be a connection. You have a good day and tell Lois I am jealous of her green thumb.