Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 203 - 21st July 2013 - Birds, Lilies and the Waterfront

A very sleepless night, up at 2:30am, hoping I can get some shut eye on the sofa in a bit. Otherwise this is going to be one long day! Book launch this afternoon, hope that goes well and we get some people out. You can never tell about these things and I just don't worry and fret anymore. Although I do have to say a few words so would be good if something pops into my head before too long. Looks like it will be another hot day, yesterday the humidity was really high.
Well it sure turned out hot on Saturday, glad I got my work done in the morning, although Larry held out in the wood pile longer than I was happy about. You can't tell an old fool anything! Early afternoon I checked the weather forecast again and they have this big "thunderstorm watch" in effect for the whole province. Headed into town around supper time to check out the waterfront.  Due to the weather forecast they cancelled all the festivities at 8pm last night, we still had a great supper at the park and got home about 9:30pm. I was tired and my hip was throbbing - I've had something going on with it for over 3 weeks. Must be old age!
White Breasted Nuthatch - funny little guys the way the go up and down.
Another of my Daylilies are in bloom.
The Hostas are in bloom, so far the deer have left them alone, and some leaves are growing back.
Above: The Oven Bird who has gotten friendlier.

Boats are all tied up at the Marina - races were cancelled.
Looking across at the Waterfront - kind of foggy but you can see the encampment.

Enjoy your day!

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