Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 184 - 2nd July 2013 - Roses, Sunsets and Bear Tracks

More rain again this morning - internet is in and out so I'm not terribly happy first thing. Of course the eastlink  ones I need to talk to don't come in until 7am. Grr! Off to work, the weekend is gone. Need to finish off the book so I can get that out of my dreams. I think it was stuck there most of the night and I didn't sleep all that well.
I can't believe that the weekend is gone and it feels like it was wasted - well mostly. I would have loved to have gotten out to explore somewhere or roam a beach and had a picnic but it didn't happen. At least Saturday was a good evening with friends at the campground. Monday was spent tidying up around the house and doing those mundane tasks that need to be done occasionally. I did spend some time cleaning up  photos from my laptop and moving them to disks for storage. Gave in and made cookies for the lunch box - the guys will be happy and if a girl happens to raid the box - well the guys may not be happy! That happens with Larry's lunch every once in awhile. Larry puttered around in his building - doing what I have no idea but it entertained him most of the morning and early afternoon. Cooked a nice roast chicken supper and some of the fresh swiss chard, broccoli and beet greens from the garden. Boy was that good.
 My roses are really not looking great these days.
Loyalist Rose.
 This is an old one that was probably planted when the house was built many years ago, it has tons of buds, but if the rain doesn't stop I won't have many open.
 Another old one from the property.
 Queen Anne's Lace.

 The next few photos are some of Larry's he took a while ago.
Not sure where these sunset ones are - maybe Horseshoe or Clam lake.

 Now that's some kind of a bear foot print.
Note that it's in a tire track and just how much it fills it up. I should mention these are not in the hood!

Enjo your day

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  1. Looks more like sasquatch footprints lol....I gotta say i just love the Queen Anne Lace...I think it is one of my favorites.