Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 176 - 29th June 2017 - Daisies, Grasses and Black & White Warbler

Daylight seems to be lazy this morning, slowly coming up over the lake. I can hear a few ducks in the lake and a Red Eyed Vireo is beginning his dawn song in the woods near the yard.It's been beautiful weather this week so far, days are warm and nights cool over. Perfect for sleeping. Going to be a busy day at work, I'm doing a walking tour of the waterfront for a tour bus then they will be visiting the museums after they lunch. Hope I can remember the things I want to say. Always a little stage fright at first then I'm ok. We'll be offering the walking tour this summer which is a nice added feature and another way to show off what we have.
 The simple daisy and grasses.
 Black & White Warbler - a few of these are reappearing on my walks.
No idea what this is, first I thought a moth but probably some kind of fly.

Enjoy your day!

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