Friday, June 9, 2017

Day 156 - 9th June 2017 - Shed, Fisherman's Memorial and a Window

Day off and I'm up too early  - that figures but I've got lots of things planned to get done especially this morning before Margie and I go to lunch and do some errands. Have to get our Chase the Ace tickets for tomorrow night! Dawn has finally arrived with a fiery red sky and soften pink and purple reflecting in the lake. Rainfall warning for today - 40 to 50 mm - that will be a lot if we get it all. Another good day at work on Thursday, second season and I enjoy the job. That's half of the battle I'm sure of going every day. I like the idea of different things and people - never the same two days in a row.
 This old shed will soon be covered in ivy.
 The Fisherman's Memorial on Dock Street.
A peek in one of the Dory Shop windows.

Enjoy your day!

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