Thursday, June 15, 2017

Day 162 - 115th June 2017 - Swallow, Song Sparrow and Dragonfly

Wednesday was lovely - just enough sun to be warm and a nice breeze so you weren't overheated. Much better. Busy day at work. The Hermit Thrush was singing nearby as the sun was setting last night and I enjoyed a few minutes on the deck before bed last evening. My favourite summer song. There have been a few Purple Finches back in the yard lately, wondering if they are nesting nearby. I've not been filling the feeders this month, I usually stop for the summer in hopes of reducing the number of squirrels around and deterring the raccoons.
 Swallows like the high wires.
 Song Sparrow
 These ferns are all open now, I took this a few days ago.
Dragonfly - almost invisible tucked in the pine needles.

Enjoy your day!

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