Monday, June 5, 2017

Day 152 - 5th June 2017 - Male and Female American Redstart and Yellow Warbler

Another beautiful day! Good day at work - a little slow but to be expected on weekends this time of year, it will soon pick up. Trip down to the Industrial Park was rewarding before hand. Saw Redstarts, Yellow Warblers, Red Eyed Vireos, Song Sparrows, Catbird and Cedar Waxwings. I'm sure there were more but I only had about 1/2 hour before I had to head back out again. Larry cooked a turkey while I was gone so that should do (or some variations of it) for suppers this week. Got out for a little walk after supper, stopped for a quick tea and visit with Lois to catch up on the weekly news. Going to be doing my birding in town for the next few weeks. Have to travel with Larry as my regular ride Nancy is away. Guess I'll have to do the hood in the evenings.
Male American Redstart - am seeing a few of these around.

Female American Redstart.

Yellow Warbler, singing away!

Enjoy your day!

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