Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Day 124 - 3rd May 2017 - Swamp Sparrow, Canada Goose and Purple Finch

Foggy out there this morning. Suppose to lift and clear, maybe some more showers this evening. Got the upstairs tackled yesterday, did a quick jaunt around the hood before the rain started again. A big pot of Chili simmered on the stove and I did some biscuits to go with it for supper. It was one of those days when it was colder in the house than outside, after lunch I gave in and built a fire.  Trivia last night - not one of our stellar nights for sure! HA!HA! I don't think we could do any worse. I'm heading into town this morning - going to take my Kobo and sit at Out Patients so I can get my meds refilled. The joys of having no Doctor once again. Guessing it's going to be a long wait.

 Swamp Sparrow.
 A lone Canada Goose in the fog
The Christmas Tree is still providing food and a perch - Purple Finches.

Enjoy your day!

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