Monday, May 8, 2017

Day 124 - 8th May 2017 - Savannah Sparrow, American Lady and Mallards

We headed off to Cape Sable Island Sunday morning only to be met by lots of fog and not the birds we were in search of. Well that's how it goes, when the sighting cry goes out you should get there because they don't always hang around. Some day maybe we will both be retired and can run and chase them whenever we want, but for now we capture what we can. The sun, blackflies and mosquitoes  came out around lunch time. I'm glad there are somethings that are short lived in my memory. They are part of the season and provide food for the birds so it's no good to complain. Larry spent the afternoon in the wood pile, I did lunch box prep, etc. We went for a walk after supper but not much made an appearance - a few Palm Warblers. The female Rose Breasted Grosbeak is still hanging out in the yard. It's Monday and back to finishing the Spring cleaning, roaming the hood and maybe some yard work.
Savannah Sparrow.

Larry went out to fill the feeders Sunday morning and this pair of Mallards were waiting for him.

 American Lady enjoying the afternoon sun.
We may need a duck crossing sign. Had to shoo them across the road as a car was coming.

Enjoy your day!

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