Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 139 - 23rd May 2017 - Northern Parula, Mallard Ducklings and Common Yellowthroat

We had a good working morning on Monday, then lunch and Dorothy packed up and headed for home. Feel that we accomplished a lot. I haven't got a whole lot left on my part to get done then can send it back to her. Will finish some of it up this morning then hopefully tomorrow the rest. Since it's raining it's a good day for inside stuff. Have to do a little lunch preps, then this afternoon in town for a meeting and supper. Did a quick jaunt around last evening after supper hoping some birds would be out feeding. Northern Parula in the yard, Mallard and her babies in the lake and a Common Yellowthroat on the private road. Seems the birds are declining each year in this area. I did find a Northern Parula nest in a patch of Old Man's Beard - high enough to be out of the way and very well disguised. Will keep my eye on it from a distance of course.
 Northern Parula
 This is the second set of ducklings I've seen in the last couple of weeks, should be more any day.
Lurking behind the branches - Common Yellowthroat.

Enjoy your day!

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