Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Day 125 - 9th May 2017 - Hermit Thrush, Ferns and Mallards

A little rain overnight, but no more than a splattering - only showers predicted though so still can get out and roam. Another room done yesterday, lots of roaming and some yard work. It was windy so kept the flies away, good day to be out. Nancy and Sandy stopped over for a visit in the evening while they were out for a walk. Today I better tackle my sewing room and straighten that out, next week I have a few things I need to whip up. Think today will be homemade soup - the last of the season til the weather cools down again.
 Wild Pear or Cherry I can never tell which.
 Hermit Thrush
 Ferns are popping their heads through the ground.

And our newest yard birds.

Enjoy your day!

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