Thursday, May 4, 2017

Day 125 - 4th May 2017 - Yellow Rumped Warbler, Lupins and the Lake

Looks like a nice day in the making. Sunrise is getting earlier these days and sunset is later. Just before it got dark last evening I sat on the deck, I could hear the Hermit Thrush singing somewhere near the edge of the yard, this morning he's back out along with a Song Sparrow. Love the music of the woods. Took a walk after supper - saw Swamp Sparrows, Palm Warblers and Yellow Rumped Warblers. Should soon begin seeing some of the other Warblers. Got done at Outpatients yesterday - little over 3 hours and I now am good for another year, except to run in for some blood work (standard stuff) next week. I guess today will be roaming the hood and back to the spring cleaning - life is good.

 Yellow Rumped Warbler

 Lupins are growing all along the roadside
Beautiful evening on the lake

Enjoy your day!

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