Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day 140 - 24th May 2017 - Lilacs, Yellow Rumped Warbler and Deck Chairs

Beautiful sunrise this morning, bright red over the lake but it looks like it will clear and be a decent day. Owls and Loons calling up the lake, Song Sparrows, Mourning Doves and Crows down the lake. Always a different sound to the beginning of the day. Nothing like a few minutes by myself with coffee first thing in the morning listening to the sound of nature.
Tuesday was a wet one, but no complaints - although it would be nice if we could have sunny days and rain from 10pm to 5am regularly. Guess that's not likely to happen. I didn't go out until it was time to head to town for my meeting in the afternoon. Good staff meeting and enjoyed supper at the Ship's Galley with the group afterwards.
 Lilacs are blooming
 Yellow Rumped Warbler
It's always nice when the neighbours put out chairs for me to sit in and enjoy the lake on my walk.

Enjoy your day!

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