Friday, May 12, 2017

Day 128 - 12th May 2017 - Rose Breasted Grosbeaks, Flycatcher and Ferns

Did a lot of roaming on Thursday, hunting for birds. They were few and far between but I did see a couple of interesting ones. Once I braved ticks, flies (thankfully no coyotes) I spotted a Flycatcher - not sure about which kind but it's been suggested an Acadian. Finally after supper the male Rose Breasted Grosbeak arrived in the yard. Hanging high in a few trees, he didn't make it down to the feeders but I'll keep my eyes open for him. It's Friday and town/lunch day with Margie. Will get out around the hood if it's not raining this morning, then a few things to do around the house before heading out.
The female Rose Breasted Grosbeak is still here. 
 The Male - handsome of course shyly checking things out.

The Flycatcher - first of the season, perhaps an Acadian. They are difficult to tell apart.

 I love watching the ferns.

Enjoy your day!

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