Monday, April 10, 2017

Day 101 - 10th April 2017 - Turtles, Canada Geese and Mallards

Sunday was a beautiful day - sunny, a little wind but not too cool. Did the grocery thing and and some stuff around the house, roamed the hood. As I was sitting by the lake 5 Canada Geese flew in. Along the road I spied a pair of Mallards swimming in the Cranberry ditch, they took their time walked across the neighbour's driveway and into the other ditch. Larry helped out a friend up the road with some window installations. It was a good day. Back to Monday and painting Whirligigs, some laundry and other fun. You know it's spring when the songs of Loons are what you hear in the morning.
 Loon in the harbour is still wearing his winter clothes.
 And I spied these three turtles sunbathing. Of course I couldn't get close since the water is high these days.
 She was certainly giving him a piece of her mind.
Mallards at the cranberry ditch.

Enjoy your day!

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