Saturday, April 22, 2017

Day 113 - 22nd April 2017 - Purple Finches, Cowbirds and Daffodils

Doesn't look like much sunshine for today. Pretty quiet and bleak except for a Loon calling on the lake- such a haunting song. I've slept in this morning, probably to make up for yesterday being too early. So with rain in the forecast , guess it's going to be an inside day - just as well have some cooking to do - potato salad, brown bread rolls, maybe some cookies. That should entertain me for a while and if not there sure seems to be some housework to get done. Got groceries yesterday, good afternoon in town with Margie and a lazy evening at home. Larry started sawing up the winter wood for the next season. Wood heat is wonderful but you have to handle it so much!

A lovely picture of Goldfinch and Purple Finches but a second later they were all in a spat!
 Male  & Female Cowbirds.
 And the Daffodils are blooming.

Enjoy your day!

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