Saturday, April 8, 2017

Day 99 - 8th April 2017- Downy Woodpecker, Crocuses and Fox Sparrow

We saw the sun on Friday! The fog lifted in the morning, was really quite warm until lunch time when it clouded back over again, by supper time a few showers again. But it was nice to enjoy that warmth even for a brief time and know that it was a sign of things to come.I decided it was a good morning for a roam in the hood with Big B. Lots of water in the woods, swamps are full. Mallards were flying in and out of the lake and I could hear the Geese going by. Had a good evening in Barrington, we stopped at Clyde River for supper -Lobster Poutine -very yummy, did some shopping and then went to the Beaver Dam presentation. It was interesting and nice to see some older folks I've not seen for a while. Today Margie and I are off to Port Mouton to an United Empire Loyalist Assn meeting.
 Female Downy Woodpecker - she's claimed the suet.
 The Crocuses were dipped in raindrops.

The Fox Sparrow came closer but I still had to take shots through the kitchen window.

Enjoy your day!

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