Friday, April 7, 2017

Day 98 - 7th April 2017 - Blue Jay, Junco and Purple Finch

More rain and drizzle for today, but I won't complain - remember all those dry months we had last summer. And you don't have to shovel it! Making progress on the Whirligigs, not sure if I'll have time today or not as I really should take some time to do a whip around the house. The birds are so active in the yard now, Song Sparrows are singing trying to entice a mate, everyone is chirping and tweeting. It's Friday and my day out - although we are going to make a small change and take off later and go to Barrington -a little shopping, supper and take in a presentation at the Senior's Centre. Looking forward to a change.
The wind and rain produced an unhappy Blue Jay.

The fencing makes for a good perch - Junco having a rest.
Purple Finch and Chickadee sharing a feeder.

Enjoy your day!

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