Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 148 - 27th May 2012 - Twin Flowers and Take Out

The sun is already shining and the sky is clear except for some small fluffy clouds. Temperature is +11.2 and rising. So today promises to be a good looking day. Larry's getting ready to go work the breakfast, I guess I need to get through a few more chapters of Water St. (only managed 3 yesterday) and finish up some "light" housework. Light just means the bare necessities - in good weather that's all I'm doing these day. Lawn needs to be tackled and some flower beds weeded this afternoon.

Yesterday was rather foggy most of the day. Larry worked part of the day, then we headed to Barrington for groceries. Got almost everything I wanted, saw half of Shelburne out there - a good sale really attracts people. Everyone had been telling me about the Take Out at West Head, so since we were in that direction and it was supper time we head off to Cape Sable Island to check it out. It was good, big portions, reasonably priced and the food was good. I had clams and chips, Larry had scallops and chips. Nothing fancy - paper plates and plastic cutlery but that suited us fine. There are a few picnic tables available but we ate in the truck. On a nicer day we might have taken it somewhere close to the water, but the fog was so thick at that point you couldn't see much. However, by the time we left the Island, the fog was finally clearing. Back home we headed, grocery bags full, bank account empty and bellies satisfied!
No she's not in a cage, just peaking at me through the railings on the deck, and very happy to see me.
Beautiful colors and more opening each day.
Reflections in the water.
The first Twin Flower, my very favourite wildflower.
Not a great photo but they are so cute to watch.
Like little soldiers all in a row!
Mama Duck!
The West Head take out, one of the hidden gems on Cape Sable Island.
A little artwork next to the Take Out.
I guess it's time for me to get mobile, Larry will be leaving in a few minutes and I need to get on to laundry and Water St. I should be able to get everything done up this morning and take advantage of the afternoon sunshine. I see rain in the forecast for part of the upcoming week so lots to do today!
Enjoy your day!

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