Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 132 - 11th May 2012 - A trot along the Waterfront

No rain this morning, and it feels mild still - no thermometer in my room so I don't have an exact temperature. Off to the Archives this morning, then Dorothy & I have tickets for the Chris deBurgh concert tonight. So another fun filled day. Am going to try resisting any shoe stores this trip - that will be the ultimate test for me. Fingers crossed I succeed!

Yesterday was a great day. Rain held off until late afternoon. Made it in to Halifax for the meeting and delivered fudge and whoppie pies to those who were in need! It's so nice to be back at the Waverley Inn. It is the #1 place to stay in Halifax, rooms are great and the staff are the best I've ever dealt with - friendly, fun....... if I say anything more, they will all have swelled heads! But you get the picture. It's kind of sad I won't be coming in as often as I've turned over my seat on the board to Sheryl, she now gets the pleasure of regular visits to the Waverley, but I will be in periodically for other things - research etc.It's true -  that you arrive as a guest and leave as family.  Dorothy, Sheryl and I had a nice meal at the Henry House then back to my room for wine, cheese & crackers and lots of chatter. Mostly of a genealogy nature - trying to sort out Dorothy's brickwall. Well, even after the wine we didn't fix her problems but we all agreed on the fact that she needed to keep searching and widen her scope.
I took a walk down on the harbour front this afternoon. Lots of tulips were in bloom along the walkways.

A nice memorial along the walk.
Great signage!
It was quite foggy this afternoon and the light was on in the lighthouse on the island. I think this lighthouse could use a paint job, but they are all in jeopardy in Nova Scotia these days.
It was so foggy across the Harbour you could hardly see Dartmouth this afternoon.
Love the towers from the churches in the background, so tall and regal!
Lots of great places to sit and enjoy the view!

These four kiosk's are great - one is the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada SeaDee's (it has a Shelburne County connection so check it out), Historical Photography and Bike rental.  What a great place to set up shop!
These were just beautiful hydrangea, one on either side of a doorway.
This was just so cool. I've not walked around Bishop's Landing before but there are lots of nice shops and it's kind of interesting. It started to rain so I tucked my camera inside of my hoodie and went on a fast trot back to the Waverley Inn.
I guess it's time to finish my coffee and head out for a walk with my camera. By the time I get back the girls should be up and ready for breakfast...... think Todd has my favourite on this morning - I'm so spoiled and I love it!
Enjoy your day!


  1. Yesterday certainly wasn't nice weatherwise for strolling on the waterfront... doesn't look like today is going to be much better. It's funny...I've lived here for 14 years and I noticed things in your photos that I hadn't noticed before.