Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 138 - 17th May 2012 - Ducks, Bark, Berries and Giant Bugs

Well it's 4:14am, has been raining hard, thundering and lightening for the last little while. Temperature is way up there at +15.4. Will be a long day as I've been up since 1am. Wasn't I complaining a while back about not have any morning quiet time, be careful what you wish for. Have the headphones on and Chris de Burgh playing tunes to me. Some how his story telling, quiets my brain, although Gordon Lightfoot usually does a better job at that, but he's in the other room and since I don't want to root around, waking the rest of the house, this will do just fine. It's also nice to have a friend who's around this time of the day and can spend some facebook time chatting in the very early morning.
The day started off looking bright and pretty sun yesterday. I managed to beat around the house and get floors done, dishes, laundry and whatever. Satellite guy came - he's a sweetie, fixed that or at least we hope so. Lexi and I took a walk through the path in the morning. She wasn't being patient with me taking photos so I didn't get a lot of good ones, but couldn't believe how many things are cropping up. I'm seeing lady slipper leaves and other flowers starting to bud up, soon to be in bloom. These days, the change and growth is almost instant! The rest of the day went down hill, with lots of waiting, decision making followed by sadness mixed with relief.
A couple of the mallards were enjoying the dock this morning.  I saw a pair of black ducks on the rock but they moved pretty quick when they saw me, so wasn't able to get a good shot.

The old peeling waiting for new?
I like the red seeds/flowers on this tree.
Blueberry blossoms .......yum, can't wait for the berries!

A most unusual looking dragonfly, or is it a giant mosquito?
Sorry there is not more to offer today, but that's just how it is sometimes. Remember to tell someone you love them today!
Enjoy your day.


  1. Oh Big Sista do I sense a touch of melancholy today!! Always a good idea to let others know that you love them....we might not always have another chance. <3
    Hopefully you will get a good night's sleep tonight

  2. it says my comment was published then an error not sure what is up with this contraption today but I am not impressed at all with my computer