Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 149 - 28th May 2012 - Canoes, Kayaks and Ducklings

Monday morning, the weekend is over once again and we are cruising toward the end of another month. Temperature is +11.5 and still a little too dark to tell what the sun is doing yet. Looks like rain in the forecast for this week, right now it looks like my Wednesday will be another wet one. Well I'll wait and see, we all know how fast the weather can change. Lots to do at the centre this week.

Sunday was a great day,  I don't think it could have been  much better - only if there had been less flies. Sun was warm, breeze was nice. Minimum amount of housework, some reading Water St. on the deck and lots of activity around the lake. I mean good action. Started off the morning by tending to the kitties I'm looking after this weekend and feeding the ducks. All quiet there, only one duck around. No geese for two days.
A lot of pollen on the lake this morning. Look out allergies.
Looked out the window just before 10am and there were trucks with canoes going down the driveway at the neighbours. Lexi and I being nosey decided we should check it out so off we went with camera in hand!
What a great bunch of folks, my understanding is that most of them work more or less together. Kayaks and Canoes running the old Canoe Rally route.
Some experienced paddlers, some not.
They had a perfect day weather wise on the lake and river. Hope they had fun.
So after lunch I headed over to the lake with my tripod to see if I could find the babies. There they were. Having a little nap on the dock with Mama.  Crawled over some rocks, got my tripod balanced on a few, stuck my glasses in the crook of a tree and ripped off a few branches that were in my way........
She keeps a close watch over all of them.

Never one to be satisfied, I tried moving around and getting a little closer. So camera on tripod off I creep. Setting myself up at a different angle. Think I should clear out a few of these bushes, but overall pretty successful.
I just can't get enough of these little ones.
I like the way that the purple is framed out between the leaves on her wing.
I think she's going to have a little nap too.
Something has caught their attention.
And off they head to the water, nap time is over.
They all stay close together and mind their mama!
She always sends them to one of the rocks. So my adventure with the babies was over and I headed back home. Larry got the lawn mowed, I cooked a roast. We took a drive over to Upper Clyde to visit for  a bit before supper.  Home again, pj's on for the evening. Am happy with the little practice I had with  the tripod and I tried out using the timer just for fun. Guess I posted a few too many photos but it's hard to narrow them down. Some days are more plentiful than others!
Don't work too hard today, just ease back into the work week! Enjoy the day!


  1. Never too many look at the lavendar/purple on the Mother...
    thanks for did GOOD!!!

  2. Saw your hubby cooking away at the Breakfast on Sunday. Yum! I remember the canoe rallies! I went in with my husband two years in a row. The first one was fun the second one was torture. Water was low and hubby is such a backseat driver... I swear if the river had been one mile longer I would have gone nuts.

    1. We use to enjoy the Canoe Rallies! Loads of fun, although I never liked getting wet!LOL!