Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 145 - 24th May 2012 - A visit with Mama Mallard, her Babies and the Geese

Hazy morning, temperature is +11.8. I think it will clear and the sun will be bright and probably very warm. Back to work today. I want to gather up the various photos for Water St. and find some more info that Karen needs to complete some stuff. This afternoon I've got some research for various clients that I'm hoping to finish up. Unless all the plans go out the window for one reason or another, I should have a busy day and see an end to a few things. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday was a mixture of rain in the morning, then clearing off, remaining humid. I bounced around and did some housework, then moved on to Water St. A call from our Printer to touch base and see how things were going, riddled me with guilt (as if I didn't feel that way already) so I started reading, going through photos and making notes. Larry was home due to the weather so he transplanted tomato plants [not sure if we have window sill space for more or not but.....] then he and Danny went fishing. Lexi and I walked through the path to the lake, got chewed up by flies, but found the batch of baby ducks I was chasing 2 weeks ago which seemed to have disappeared, but obviously Mama just had then tucked away. Of course my two favourite subjects were there as well. And more rain finished off he evening. It was an early night for me after a too early morning.

They were minding their own business on the rock, until Lexi finally noticed them today. She went down over the bank to the water, when Mr. Goose spied her, he got in the water and started toward her. Taking no chances I called her out pretty quick.

They moved on toward another rock, once Lexi came back on land. We walked along the road by the lake and they didn't seem to be disturbed by us.
Notice what's behind the geese. I'm making no mistakes today. Last week I missed a wood duck in the background of a mother mallard and babies. I didn't see it until I was cleaning out/deleting my fuzzy, blurring photos several days later.

She brought them up on the dock.
Mama shows a couple of the young ones a few tips on cleaning.
And they all gather up and move on to the next stop......don't worry, Mama is just ahead of them.
There she is leading the way!
Another rest stop - the rock.
And they made it, more lessons on cleanliness follow. Although a few seem to be more interested in looking around.

It was so much fun watching those little ones, but it was time to move on, Lexi was getting restless and ready to explore on her own.
Time to move on and get a few things done before work. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hope you had a productive day....looks like the geese are getting used to you and not minding you taking pictures. During the fall when the geese are out front of the house in the hundreds they seem to be comfortable each day with Kasey and me. Billy called one day and said park up the road and don't scare the geese, of course I didn't listen parked the truck let the dog out and came in the house. They did not budge, like I told him they knew I didn't plan on shooting them and neither was he!!!!!! lol Billy is off to the Newfoundland to deliver a boat and I just came in from digging holes to plant more hostas which appear to be sprouting up all over the lawn....seems a shame to mow them over so I will plant them elsewhere!! Have a good evening. Oh and by the way tomorrow is Friday TGIF & Day 146