Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 124 - 3rd May 2012 - Geese, A Metal Crane and more Flowers

The temperature is +2.5, not bad doesn't feel cool this morning. Back to the office today, hopefully to finish up some odds and ends, then push on to some new things. Have a few researches to do for folks so want to start those this week or early next week. Photography class tonight. So home after work and then back to town! Tonight we are photographing dancers, so that should be interesting. I picked a tick off me yesterday morning, he was holding on for dear life. The spot is itchy this morning so I'm hoping it wasn't on of  the bad ones. I'll keep my eye on to it for a few days and make sure it doesn't get ugly looking. Once again the sunrise was brilliant and I was in the house and not out capturing. Tomorrow morning I'll move my backside faster if it looks good. There is also a full moon on Saturday night so you know I'll be chasing that if the weather looks decent.

Yesterday was kind of a so so day. It stayed grayish, the sky never really brightened up, although I will say it wasn't as cold as it has been - no wind. I did the dreaded housework and cooking meals for the next few days. Finished up that turkey, a casserole and a soup. The soup is another whole story, looks more like noodle stew but...... tasty! Lexi and I roamed around the neighbourhood a couple of times. I try to walk her more often when I'm home, the guilt of a working mother.
They were back today, I was so excited to see them. Although it was hard to get pics as  I had Lexi on her leash and was telling her to be very quiet. You might note they are a bit messy.
They are so beautiful!
Not sure if it's a good idea to have this great blue heron [or is it a crane] next to the cat, but we'll see what happens throughout the summer. He might be big enough that kitty won't bother him.
Forget-me-nots. Another little spring flower but at least a change of color, although there are white ones too.
My bleeding hearts are in bloom. I have the white ones, but the pink ones are really pretty too. Maybe I'll get some of those next spring.
Up close and personal - inside one of my tulips. really kind of cool!
Time for me to get mobile, it's just not the same having everyone up at the same time. Larry asking me questions this morning, do I really look like I want to answer questions before I've finished the first cup of coffee? Maybe I need to start getting up earlier!
Enjoy your day!


  1. Lol you really do enjoy your morning solitude. If you got up any earlier you may as well stay up. Nice to see the geese again. You have a good day I am staying positive and it is going to be a good day.

  2. I don't know...if I was that crane I'd be a little nervous.

    1. I think the cat could be licking his chops!LOL!