Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 140 - 19th May 2012 - Ducklings, Buttercups and Wisteria

It looks like a great day coming forward, a little foggy out their this morning but I can see the sun pushing it away. Temperature is +5. Went to bed early in hopes of reclaiming some of my lost sleep the last few days and I even slept in a bit. Today will be more normal, or I hope so. Some grocery shopping (yuk), a little housework, Larry is going to spend some time in the garden - it's also the weekend to get things planted if you haven't already. Will see if anything else needs to be done, then perhaps escape for a while.

What a beautiful day yesterday, temperature was up, sun was out. Would have been nice to laze around on the deck or sneak off to a beach, but not to be. Perhaps another day. I did take a walk after we got home, before supper around the neighbourhood.
Finally I got a mama duck with her ducklings. Unfortunately I didn't get great photos, but.......
There are four of them, and they are so cute.
They stick pretty close to mom

And the geese were back, enjoying the rocks in the lake.

Single Tulip left here.
The buttercup, usually shows up shortly after the dandelion. Remember when you were kids and use to hold it under your chin to see if you liked butter?
Don't tell Lois, but looks like the Wisteria will have lots of flowers this year.
Loads of flower buds. When it blooms it's like clusters of purple grapes hanging.  Can't wait!
Time to drink my coffee, sort myself out and get the day going! Have fun on this beautiful long weekend. Enjoy the day!

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