Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 123 - 2nd May 2012 - Ducks, Partridges and Tulips

So it's warmer this morning, temperature is +4. Hoping it keeps getting warmer as the day goes on. I'm willing to whip around and get some stuff done inside if the sun is going to come out. It's my day off. Rather enjoying having Wednesday off in the middle of the week breaks it up better than Tuesday used to. This afternoon I have a teleconference meeting so that will shoot some of my time away. We cooked a turkey on Sunday making life much easier in the meal department. Nothing I dislike more than having to come home from work and think about what we are having for supper. The joy with's good for most of the work week. We've done the leftovers, hot turkey sandwiches with fries and I think today it will be a casserole. If I'm really energized maybe a soup too. And of course we've had turkey sandwiches for our lunches. We don't mind leftovers in our house so this really works well for us.
Another rather chilly day yesterday, when do we get that warmish weather back? You know I will be complaining about the heat in July! Built a fire in the furnace again when we came home last evening. The day went relatively well, despite my ranting most of the day about the government. I wonder if any of them would considering cutting back some of their high life styles; not likely! Went for a walk after supper but no geese, however, Larry heard them in the other lake so, I know they are still around. Rah!
The ducks skimming across the lake this morning.
I love the ruffling along the petals of this tulip and the colors!
The ferns are coming to life.
She's a beauty. I almost keeled over the other day when she flew in and headed for the bird feeder!
I got such a big kick out of watching her. She's one of the wild ducks in the lake, but cute as can be.
Can't go wrong with a red door on a little old shed. Well I assume it's a shed...........
This partridge was strutting across the road, I stretched out the truck window and took some pics. He looks nice and plump until...........
he stood up straight! What a comical looking creature indeed.
I guess it's time for me to get in gear and start the day off. Will soon push Larry out the door to work, then it's Lexi, me and housework, maybe a little gardening.
Enjoy your day!


  1. Enjoyed your blog and pictures today! Keep up the good work!

  2. Love the photos of the duck, partridge etc.... the tulip is rather cool with the ruffles ......Hopefully you will have a productive day. I threw a pork roast in the slow cooker....voila supper!!!

  3. Ugh...planning suppers.
    Love the colours on the tulip.