Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 125 - 4th May 2012 - Quiet Lake, Harbour Sunset and Sailboats

It's Friday - Rah! And the temperature is +3.6 so that's not too shabby at all, hoping it will warm up again today. It's also payday which makes me doubly happy and scallop bacon wrap day at the Bean Dock. Today is my treat day, I leave the brown bag at home! Something to look forward to at the end of the work week. If I can scratch at few more things off the office list, I will finish the work week very happy. Nothing like progress to make you feel good.

A busy day yesterday at the centre, not with researchers but getting things caught up and done. Making headway thanks to Adam. He's coming back today too. Adam is my first cousin once removed. His mom and I are first cousins. He's been away at University so I haven't seen him for quite a while, but I finally realized where his looks come from. He is the splitting image of Grampie H. His build, stature, looks and hair. Nice to a see a family resemblance carried on. Went to photography class last night and we attended a dance preview at the Osprey Arts Centre where they generously allowed us to take photos. Nothing particularly great from me; one or two are acceptable but that's about all. It was interesting and different for sure. The Osprey shares a building with the Yacht Club. If you are seeking entertainment that's the place to go; they have a wide variety of things going on from music to plays, etc. Usually something different every week especially in the summer months. Our photography group will be doing a display there in July of some of our work. Exciting!

Not a ripple in the lake yesteday morning, picture perfect.

This is kind of freaky. The sun, trees and clouds are reflecting in the lake.
Not sure what all this is but it's near the Yacht Club, so I'm assuming it's of a nautical nature.
Love the brightly colored sailboats next to the old weathered building.
Sunset on the harbour by the yacht club. Since we were in the area I thought I'd take the opportunity to take a few more photos.
So when I got home, I ran outside and snapped a few of the moon behind the trees. Kind of spooky. Hope it's clear the next few nights. Saturday it's suppose to be really big!
Well time for me to push on, make another cup of coffee and get the day going. The sunrise is vibrant again today, but I'm a little to lazy yet to catch it. Promise to make an attempt on the weekend.
Enjoy your Friday........... Yah for the weekend, especially with a good weather forecast!


  1. Sunrise was spectacular this morning. Lots of red and orange! Was wishing I could capture the brilliant colours, but not with my camera! Enjoyed it though!

    1. It sure was, need 10 mins more to get my coffee then the sunrise! Maybe in the next few mornings I'll catch the sun coming up and the moon going down.

  2. We never seem to capture the true beauty of a was beautiful at my place as well..enjoyed it over a cup of tea bright and early this morning. Glad Adam is there to keep you in line :) Have a great day it is nice to see you back to the real world and showing such enthusiasm for "Friday" lol