Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 229 - 17th August 2015 - Yellow Warbler, Great Blue Heron and Belted King Fisher

There's another weekend gone. Back to Monday morning  and work. Oh to win the lottery! Looks like my morning walk will be another foggy one.  Lots to do today, get the week underway and hopefully to a good start. The weekend reduced my stress level so let's hope it stays that way! Positive thoughts.
Had a full day on Sunday. Took in the Ingomar Fire Hall breakfast then hit the Round Bay beach - full of fog. So nothing terribly interesting there. Traveled a couple of side roads, a few Warblers and Chickadees. Side trip to Blanche yielded Willets, Common Terns, Great Blue Herons and a couple more Warblers. We gradually made our way home. Larry hit the woodpile, I started doing a few things around the house. We had a surprise visit from old friends we haven't seen in a long time, it was so good to catch up with them. And I realized it's been too long since we've seen them and life is very short so we better not leave it that long again.

Yellow Warbler.
Red-eyed Vireo.
Great Blue Heron - he was searching for breakfast.
I think this is a Common Wood Nymph Butterfly.

Belted King Fisher.
Common Yellowthroat - say a number of these.

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