Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 228 - 16th August 2015 - Deer, Palm Warbler and a Sunset

Early Sunday morning. Think we'll head off to Ingomar Fire Hall breakfast today, maybe do a little birding, etc along the way. Should be a good time of the day to hit Round Bay and Roseway Beaches. Never know where we will end up. Making no great plans. Sooner or later we'll get back home and then it will be time to get ready for the work week ahead.
Had a foggy walk  yesterday morning - getting tired of that morning fog! Once again not a lot moving or if it was you couldn't see it. Did my community duty working at the hall after that. We didn't have to go to Yarmouth but it was really hot by then so decided we'd run in town do the groceries and go somewhere after supper. Took a drive to Upper Clyde, a few birds but mostly deer. Three almost walked up to us while I took photos.

He was lovely with his little velvet

 Palm Warbler.
 Water was moving fast at Cubscootch - I still didn't get the angle for the shot I wanted.
 The owner of this bird house says the Swallows love it - no way for squirrels to get in etc.
As we headed home the sun was beginning to set.

Enjoy your day!

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