Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day 235 - 23rd August 2015 - Chickadee, Black-bellied Plover and a Boat

Pretty good to sleep in.. til almost 6 am. The extra sleep helped, I'm suppose to be resting which is a difficulty in itself. Still humid and is warmer inside than out. No great plans for today, the weather forecast is for more thundershowers so sounds like mostly inside. I think the antiviral meds are definitely doing the job, it's not anywhere near as bad as it was before.
Larry took me for a drive to Cape Sable Island yesterday morning, mostly in search of a little coolness - fog at the Hawk and Daniel's Head. The fog does have it's use, it was much cooler than at home and nice to have a bit of relieve if only for a short time.  We had dinner at West Head Take Out  which never disappoints us, so very good.  Did some grocery shopping and headed for home. Of course as we turned in the driveway the skies opened up and the rain came down along with thunder and lightening. Home just in time.
From Cathy's garden - looks like Chives but maybe not.
 Caught this Chickadee as well as a Magnolia Warbler and Northern Parula hanging around her apple tree.
 White breasted Nuthatch.
 Black-bellied Plover at the Guzzle in the fog.
A boat ride would be nice.
Weeds along the shoreline.

Enjoy your day!

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