Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day 224 - 12th August 2015 - Fog, Song Sparrow and Chickadee

It's a wet morning out there with promises to continue all day. I don't see much of a walk for today. Lexi and I will have to dash through the raindrops at some time but no leisurely time spent roaming the hood. Guess that means an inside day for me. Well they are giving fine weather for the weekend and there are lots of activities going on in Shelburne County Saturday and Sunday so maybe housework will be in order so I don't have to do that on the weekend.
The fog did indeed disappear Tuesday morning and the sun came out. A nice day, not too hot, just comfortable. Unfortunately my morning walk was in the fog leaving little to see - or I should say giving me more bad shots than good. Work was not as bad  as Monday, but it could still have been much better. I am sucking it up and moving along. One has to leave the people that disturb you on the sidelines not in your focus. Life is too short.
Certainly couldn't see across the lake, only the shoreline near me.
Song Sparrows were out.
There were six or seven Chickadees flitting around.
If you look closely you can see this Yellow-Rumped Warbler has caught breakfast.
Wildflowers along the road.
Lots of cobwebs.

Enjoy your day!

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