Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 270 - 26th September 2012 - Fog, Clouds, Moon and a Plane

Wednesday and my day off. I'd like to thank Lexi this morning for pushing me out of bed before 4:30am, not sure what was up with that dog but needless to say I'm up and she's back to sleep. Will be a long day, but I guess I have lots to do. Some housekeeping, baking perhaps - any suggestions?, and a few phone calls for work. Need to track down and contact one of the prospective speakers for our Community Talks in the Spring and I have to go through some of my books and see what I have for the Book Fair on Saturday. Sounds like the day is going to fill up pretty quick.

Yesterday was a good day overall, it came - it went. I know, I shouldn't feel like that, but was tired when I got home for some reason. Sometimes an overly busy brain is more draining than physical labour. Lexi and I went for a quick walk after supper while Larry did some Fire Hall work, then they went for their evening drive and run.
I keep forgetting to mention a blog I really enjoy: For a "Normal Joe" as Darrell refers to himself, he has some great ideas on cooking and recipes to share.

Thick fog on the lake in the morning - this one's for you Karen!
By the time I got to town the Harbour was clear.
Flat calm and clean, amazing what 15 minutes can do.
Lexi and I went for a walk after supper, plane was flying overhead. Wonder where it was going?
And the moon was in the sky, which reminds me it's full this weekend.
As always, a lovely evening on the lake.
Love living close to the lake.
Well I must have a little bit more of "me" time before facing things. Enjoy your day!

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