Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 271 - 27th September 2012 - Sunrise, Butterfly and Duck

Thursday, already where did the rest of the week go, felt like it was just Monday. That's the problem - time flies so darn fast. It's a mild morning and almost the end of September and we haven't lit the wood furnace yet. I can wait a while. Love the wood heat in the winter, but there really is no such thing as little heat. Some night we'll come home from work and it will be time. Usually in the fall you need it the odd evening or morning to take the chill off, especially if it rains for a few days which we are expecting. Our old house tends to be cooler inside some days than it is outdoors during Spring and Fall months. One of my primary winter jobs when I'm home - tending the fire. More exercise up and down the basement steps.

Lexi and I had a good day yesterday. I started off with catching the sun rising - always a good beginning to any day. Remember those of you who aren't early risers - I got these shots between 7:10 and 7:30am. Not all that early! Got very little housework done, some laundry, but did make 5 dozen mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing - yum. Larry will drop some off to the girls this morning. Turkey casserole for Thursday night supper and Lexi and I managed a few jaunts around the neighbourhood.
Beautiful colors in the early morning sky.
More colors - I like the pink and purples.
The lake was perfectly calm with trees and sky reflections.
And the sun began to light the sky turning everything hues of yellow and gold.
Just coming up behind the tree line.
Coming above the trees, with a halo above it. Who could have a good day with a start like that. Nature at it's finest.
This pretty fellow was fluttering around while we were out in the afternoon.
I see just a bit of color in the trees but not much.
A little bit of blur, but I like watching them as they rush through the water to take off.
Well it's that time of the morning, another coffee and the rest of the house will be awake. Enjoy your day!

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