Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 255 - 11th September 2012 - Squirrel, Sunrises and Evenings on the Lake

Much cooler in the morning now when I get up -temperature is +12. The rest of the week looks like sunshine. The Whirligig Festival and Boat Races are being held on the weekend. Hopefully on Saturday we will find some time to check them both out. Today I'm hoping to finish off a couple of research projects. Always good if you can get something off your list by the end of the day.

Yesterday went pretty good, got some things done up, started a few more. Having a few problems finding sources for some research but I'm sure it will sort it's self out sooner or later. A fresh day will give fresh eyes. Back to exercise classes last night. We did something called intervals - nothing like a room full of sweaty women. Some of these girls really know there moves, me - unco-ordinated should be my middle name. So Barb says - "Do you like it? I said no, why would I like this, but I'm going to keep doing it." I may feel different in the morning but will keep at this. Unfortunately when your young, you can starve yourself for a few days and drop 5 lbs. I couldn't fast for a week and drop 2 lbs these days. It's not only that - but  things are slacker than they use to be - muscles etc. Enough said!
It did clear off including the air. Humidity dropped - so much nicer. Oh and I discovered last evening we are going to have a new neighbour, who I happen to know. Welcome to the hood!

Caught this little fellow one more when I was out creeping around in my pj's catching the sunrise!He wasn't really happy to have company.
An early morning on the lake.
Later that day a reflection of clouds in the lake.
Water lily pads without any water?
An evening look on the lake.
Well my quiet time has ended, Lexi decided that Larry should be out of bed too. He's not a happy camper I'm sure. Enjoy your day!


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  1. Nice photos "the squirrel just a rat with a tail" lol but they are cute :) New neighbor lol....you will have to get her on the volunteer list...breakfast etc...I see all kinds of fun for her in the near future...a walking buddy and an exercise buddy ......she better be careful though...you bake alot lol Have a good day :)