Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 259 - 15th September 2012 - Sunsets, Buoys and Foggy Mornings

Had a Saturday sleep in - well 6am - good for me. Going to be a busy day, off to see the Whirligigs and Boat races after lunch in town. So lots to do before we go. On the top of the list this morning is a bath for Lexi. Have some medicated shampoo we used before from the vet - poor girl is quite dry and itchy. Think we'll put her on cod liver oil capsules for the winter and see how that works. Also may try making some of Darrell's oatmeal shampoo. Have heard of this before. And then there is all the standard stuff - laundry, floors, etc.
Yesterday went well, as usual fog in the morning clearing off later, turning sunny and warm. Lunch and laughs with Trina.
Am tired of beginning each day with fog so I thought I'd  start with the end of the day and work backwards with photos.
Decided to go across the road to the other lake - Beaver Farm Lake and catch the sun going to bed.
I remembered why I dislike going over there - have to crawl over/under bushes to get close enough to the lake to take photos. But it was worth it.
I'm sure the color changed again, but didn't feel like crawling back out in complete darkness.
Stopped back over to our lake, and it was looking pretty good too with just a touch of pink in the sky.
This is one of my favourite trees - neighbour's yard (of course) but it hangs over and reflects in the lake. It's beautiful when the leaves turn.
The Buoys in the Harbour marking the Boat Races to be held tomorrow.
Fog (or as Irene says heavy mist) on the lake yesterday morning - the usual lately.
It's pretty cool though. Almost looks like the trees are floating.
Well lots to do, must finish my coffee and get this day rolling. Enjoy your day!

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