Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 247 -3rd September 2012 - Moon, Boats, Shoes and Sand

Monday - the last day of the long weekend. Where did it go? Larry and Lexi are sleeping in, so did I actually - no early morning for me and it was nice for a change. I think some baking will get done this morning, have the urge to make pizza - this kind has chocolate of course, and maybe some cookies, not sure yet. Larry will put some more wood in the basement and hopefully not fall today, like he did yesterday. I should spend some time cleaning off some more photos from my laptop, but that may wait for a rainy day.

Yesterday was a busy day. Up early - of course, saw the full moon. Somehow I'm more excited in the morning than evening about these things. Huge big breakfast to send Dorothy and Roger home on - fishcakes, bacon, eggs, toasts and cinnamon rolls. Truthfully I didn't need to eat again all day but I did. Larry loaded them up with lots of vegetables from the garden. Dorothy will be baking and shredding zucchini for a month! We did some stuff around the house then decided to go for a drive. Went down to Carleton Village, visited some of the family who are at cottage there, walked the beach. Got some pics of the sailboats in the Regatta, then drove over to Sandy Point to try for more. Did a little trespassing [joking - I knew they wouldn't mind]. Home, supper, pj's and feet up! A good evening.
The blue moon at 5:30am. It had a strange reddish out glow around it.
Curious Mr. BlueJay!
Dorothy brought me this on Saturday, just love it and can't wait to try it out!
The sailboats from the Regatta - we were on the wrong side of the Harbour.
Boats tied up.
More of the sailboats!
Just little waves at the beach today.
I love this old worn out house.
Cooper (don't tell Lexi I was taking other dog pics) was having a great time on the beach.
He had lots of fun fetching sticks.
So we made our way over to the other side of the Harbour and guess where the Sailboats were - yup - right where we just left!
Always Gulls along the shore.
Finishing off my coffee. Enjoy your day!


  1. Love the cookie cutter "{ "how fitting" ) lol had to come int othe shop to do up manifests, and figured since I having so much trouble with the phone would check out MY blog on the big screen lol...nice photos Cooper is cute reminds me of Moose our dog before Kasey.... if only those old walls to the photos of the old house.... if memory serves me you have taken photos of it before....nice to give it some recognition as Iam sure in it's day it welcomed lots of have a good evening.....any word from lil sista, did she make it back from Digby....I had visions of her going on a bike tour :) leather chaps and all :)

  2. I can't wait to try out the cookie cutter, although I think it will be wasted on Larry, so will wait awhile! That old house is one of my favs.