Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 250 - 6th September 2012 - Shoe Cookies, Red Doors, Wildflowers

Back to work today - am doing pretty good for a short week, so maybe today I can get some more things caught up. Will this evening be the beginning of me going to exercise class? I'm working up to it and I did plan on starting in September. Cindy runs it twice a week in Lower Ohio, although the girls say she is hard on a person. Oh my I could be scared. Hopefully I won't wake up Friday morning in pain. I have finally admitted [to myself] that the only way these few extra pounds are going to disappear is through exercise. Now I love to walk , but not really keen on other forms of exercise, but we will give it a try.

Well it sure did rain yesterday - mostly harder in the afternoon with some wind! Lexi and I got caught in it twice - first time soaked to the skin, second time I wore my rain jacket so I made out ok. After that we gave up. It was a day of doing a few things around the house, some computer work and made Shoe cookies with my new cookie cutter! Also roasted a chicken for supper with more fabulous vegetable from the garden. Love this time of year.
Shoe cookies out of the oven.
Nothing fancy today - just some icing and a few sprinkles. Wanted to try it out - need to be careful broke several.
Some of the wildflowers are still blooming away.
Nosey Blue Jay - not sure what he has his eyes on.
Love the weathered looking red doors on this barn. Kind of a theme today - Red!
A little seaweed from our trip to the beach on the weekend.
Someone enjoying a bit of speed over the weekend in the ocean.
Well time for another coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Get your butt to class you will have FUN & a great Social time....Cindy will not kill you I have heard wonderful things about her and her instruction...actually believe I did a few of her classes years ago. She is patient and as you get better she will push you but not to the point that you can not walk :) The shoes are lovely and yumm must have been the bling that reated that extra yumminess :) Have an awesome day