Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 269 - 25th September 2012 - It's All About the Clouds

Tuesday - still dark outside this morning of course and the temperature has dip down - +6. Not sure what's on the agenda of fun things to do today. I'm still a bit behind on research requests, so hopefully I can cross at least one of those off the list.
I dislike saying this but in 3 months it will be Christmas. Oh wow, so much to do before then. Think we'll just put that thought away for a few more weeks.
Yesterday turned out nice, got lots done at work with a minimum amount of interruptions. That's the key - to get on to something and being able to finish it off. Exercise class last night - more pain and agony (just joking - somethings do hurt though). I keep going because I have to, not that I really want to and I figure it will just become a part of my lifestyle after a while. Even though I do a lot of walking, I need something else to tighten up and strengthen those muscles which have gone slack with age. They always say honesty is the best policy! That's what I keep telling myself. My bad knee really dislikes jumping jacks and rope skipping so I kind of take it a bit easy on those. Larry got some pickled beets done last evening.
The clouds were weird and wonderful on the way to work yesterday morning. You could see the dark ones moving away.
They are lifting to blue skies.
I love the lake in the morning.
The sun begins to move through the trees and sparkle in  the water.
The top of the old town clock in the clouds.
I think this looks cool, almost a line dividing the sky.
Guessing he lives somewhere along Dock Street.
Guess it's time to finish my coffee, Larry and Lexi will soon be out of bed.  Enjoy your day!

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