Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 265 - 21st September 2012 - Skies, Ducks, Sign and Rust

Friday - the last day of the work week and summer. I believe tomorrow we officially welcome Fall (or Autumn). More rain for the next few days. I survived another evening of exercise class last night.
Just as well as I had dessert twice. I must also confess that I fell off the chocolate bar wagon this week and had two of those too - not yesterday but earlier in the week. I've been doing really well with what I've been eating but for some reason this week it went to pieces. And did I forget to mention the potato chips this week...enough said. Today is a new day right?? Start again!

Had a great meeting luncheon yesterday with the girls. The food was to die for - Kim made a fabulous Curry Squash Soup, Rebecca a fabulous fall salad of grilled veggies ( I forgot to ask what she used for a dressing), Susan a flax bread and I took my Chocolate Trifle to finish off the meal. I didn't want to go back to work afterwards, although I did walk around Kim's property for a few minutes and snapped some photos. It's amazing how much you can accomplish around the kitchen table in a short period of time compared to a board room. I think we've got some great ideas for speakers next year. There were tears, but tears from laughter not sadness.
The clouds were clearing away as I left the house yesterday morning.
The lake always looks beautiful.
Some of the ducks were around, so I didn't get to far walking.
A little action - love it when they show off  their wings.
So cool in the woods!
Bringing home the catch perhaps.
An old metal gate, rusted with time tucked in some bushes.
Some  tools from days gone by, hang on the side of an old barn. No longer in use but still remembered by a few.
Time to check the emails, drink my coffee and the est of the household will be awake. Enjoy your day! 

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  1. Sounds like you had a spectacular meeting. Thank you for letting me know what day it is I truly lost track of the days.