Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 253 - 9th September 2012 - Ferns and A Chickadee

Woke up to a rainy, windy morning with thunder in the air. So today I'll do everything in the housework department I didn't do yesterday. Temperature is the same inside and outside +22.5. Warm and humid - ugh! The weekends go by fast don''t they? Seems that September is one of the those super busy months where weekends really aren't ours, but filled with activities. Shouldn't complain - winter will be long and dull I'm sure.

Sunny Saturday with a balmy breeze. A little on the humid side though. Groceries, laundry, a bit of housework and a walk. Larry and I gave Lexi a bath in the lake - she's really dry so I'm hoping this helps. Then they worked putting wood in the basement and got some veggies out of the garden. I had a deep urge to pull out my Christmas baking book in the afternoon, but resisted - might just do that today if I still have that feeling. An exciting day! An evening of laughs playing cards rounded out the day.
Most of the ferns are still really green and pretty.
Tucked away next to a tree, these impatiens are still flowering profusely.
I just like this tree and the way the limb wraps around the hole and continues to grow.
This cute little chickadee put on a show for me.
Like an acrobat!
Got it! Not sure what he was after but I see it in his little beak.
Since I've overslept a bit, time to have my coffee. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Little late this am lol. My BB is working when it wants to. Have an awesome day my friend. It is raining here in digby but still relaxing