Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 258 - 14th September 2012 - More Fog, Apples, Ducks and a Rose

Friday - weekend approaching! Dark this morning and a chill in the air. Ah Fall is here but not officially for another week. Whirligig Festival and Boat races tomorrow - hoping to get some photos. Think I'll try the Island's Park for the Boat races since they are going up the Harbour, should find a nice semi-quiet spot to park my self. Guessing Dock Street will be crowded. Although The Whirligigs are at the end of that so will roam down there ahead of time. First I have to get through today, cleaned up some things, etc. Susan has the newsletter put to bed I believe so can start running off some copies, pay a few bills and proof read a report that I'd like to get done off too.

Another good day yesterday, fog in the morning but sun came out and was beautiful. Hair cropped off after work - feels so much better. I skipped exercise class last night (don't tell - but I actually missed it), my stomach felt a bit rough and I had a bit of a headache. Thought that jumping around was probably not a good thing to be doing. So I put on my pj's, took a pepto and had an easy and early night. Felt better when I go up in the morning. Not sure what the upset was. The gingerbread whoppie pies were a big hit with the girls. Guess we'll have to do more of those.
The fog was beginning to lift in the harbour yesterday morning.
Unlike the lake which was still shrouded in fog. Could just barely see the two ducks swimming around.
These two were on Dock St. strutting around.
I noticed a few days ago that I had one rose bush still blooming. It's one of my Explorer Rose by the name of Henry Hudson blooms from June til the end of September. I can moved them earlier this summer and ended up cutting them back, but they are hardy and took off again.
Apples are turning, some are already red depending on the variety.
Self Portrait?
Well I still have some quiet time this morning before the rest wake up, time to have my coffee and check emails. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Okay this will make the fourth time I tried to comment we have had phone and internet issues for the past week. Anyway love the photos of the strutting ducks lol....they do have attitude. Hope your belly is feeling better the whoopie cookies were to die for actually considered lurking over to Larry's truck and casing his lunchbox poor old grandmother is rolling over in her grave as i have passed on the Cookie Scepter to you ......hope you are having an awesome day our internet is working and I didn't hurt the tech although I think he was nervous :)