Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 257 - 13th September 2012 - Misty Mornings, Lexi and another Squirrell

Thursday and work - a few things I need to finish up and get off my list today. Our book fair is only 2 weeks away so need to get a couple of things done up for that.  Excercise class this evening and hair appointment after work. Thank goodness I'm getting it cut, can't stand it too much longer.
Had a great day at home yesterday - did the minimal amount of house work that needed to be done. Did some baking,made spagetti sauce from some of the tomatoes in the garden and ribs for supper. With the cooler evenings and fall in motion now I've been thinking about the gingerbread whoppie pie recipe I found on Pinterest a few weeks back. It was the day to try those out. I wasn't keen on the filling recipe so reverted to the one I normally use when doing chocolate ones but added a few key ingredients from theirs - a few drops of dark rum and nutmeg. And it did give it a kind of eggnog flavour. Anyway they were a hit when Larry tried one after supper. If you aren't familiar with the whoppie pie - they are two delicious cake like cookies sandwiched together with a creamy filling. Now some people use a combination of marshmallow cream and icing sugar/butter but I do one that is icing sugar/butter creamed together with a mix of milk and flour which has been cooked and cooled.
A couple of the women came down and we went over stuff for the catering job on Sunday at the Hall. A wonderful lady in our community is turning 90 and her family is having an open house Sunday afternoon.
The sun was breaking through the mist and tress - looks framed.
Lexi checking out the lake - what you can see of it - thick fog/mist yesterday morning.
The sun reflecting in the lake.
Getting a little clearer - can see the neighbour's dock now.
A nice place to sit and rest and enjoy the view on a sunny day.
Love the mist rising up in front of the Island.
Yes another squirrel, but they are just so darn cute right now!
Always the lake is pretty in the evening.
Time to run - Enjoy your day!

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  1. Beautiful photos that first one could be an opening scene for the "Twilight Series" lol...omg even that swuirrel looked cute. Now let me tell you I am perhaps one of the world's best gingerbread connosieurs(spelling?) and my fav. cookies have always been gingerbread or anything that is gingerbread related....well Mrs. Walker you have made the most delicious cookies I have ever had the pleasure of eating!! My grandmother is probably rolling over in her grave as hers were always the best!! I have a new fav. cookie and that one is a keeper I may have to make them for the men at home :) thanks for sharing