Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 246 - 2nd September 2012 - Pink Skies, Grey Cats and Ducks

Sunday - still dark with a sky full of stars - makes me think of the nursery rhyme - "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"  The sun doesn't rise as early anymore but it goes to bed earlier. The days are getting shorter, sign of fall. I miss the mornings most.  Dorothy and Roger have to leave this morning, so we'll cook up a big breakfast to get them on the road. Bacon, Eggs, Fishcakes, Toast - should hold them for a few hours! Larry's going to run up to  the garden and send them home with some veggies too. Not sure what the plans for the rest of the day are - probably start putting wood in the basement, then maybe we'll take a little drive somewhere - not too far - the price of gas is horrid!

Yesterday was a beautiful day - sunshine, little breeze. I quietly crept out shortly after 6am and got some pictures of the sun rising. Tidied up a bit and did the grocery shopping.  Company arrived mid afternoon. Had a great supper thanks to Larry who did most of the cooking -  a meatloaf and fresh veggies from the garden. He did the cooking, I did the dishes, guess that's only fair. The guys took Lexi for a drive and a run after supper, they went to Clam Lake way up the road and didn't get home until after dark. Dorothy and I walked over to the lake with our cameras. The ducks flew in and didn't seemed to be bothered by us at all.
Sunrise over the lake yesterday morning. Can just see the color through the trees.
Lovely pink which reflects in the water.
One of the cuties I visit.
the other one!
A single flower in bloom among the reeds on the shore.
The ducks were coming in.
Dorothy and I had great fun watching and taking photos of them.
I'm not sure if she was doing the funky chicken dance or not.
Bobbing for apples?
Coasting along.
Diving for more applies - well maybe some weeds near the bottom.

Be thankful for family and friends. Enjoy your day!

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